Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 19 August 2022

1.     Introduction

Ginkgo Soft Co., LTD (“Ginkgo”) is committed to providing web and mobile application service name “zDOX” this service delivers a paperless solution and document management service with the data security standards in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. To achieve this purpose, Ginkgo would like to ask for your consent to allow Ginkgo to collect, use and/or disclose your private data obtained from you or other sources for the following purposes, once the user disagrees with Ginkgo’s terms and conditions, please submit a request for terminating the account immediately.

2.     Personal Data obtained from you

  • Generic Usages such as web browser cookies, computer traffic information for functional of zDOX service, and improvement of our service
  • Computer traffic data and logs follow ICT compliance and Government.
  • Mandatory information for registration zDOX such as Name, Surname, Email, and Password
  • Additional information for e-KYC such as Name, Date of birth, telephone No., National ID, Laser ID, ID Card Expired Date, Profile Picture, ID Card Image, e-KYC VDO, Username, Email, and Registration Date are obtained for identity authentication and fraud protection.
  • Additional information for NDID such as Name, Date of birth, telephone No., National ID, Laser ID, Biometric identification, Username, Email, Gender, Address, Occupation, Workplace, and Registration Date are obtained for identity authentication and fraud protection.

3.     Source of Personal Data

  • Registering of zDOX web and mobile application
  • Computer traffic data from tracker and logs system
  • Electronic Signature while using a Digital sign
  • Identity Information while using e-KYC and/or NDID (National Digital ID) services

4.     Purpose of data collection

  • Name, Surname, Email, and Password used for zDOX application identically.
  • Computer Traffic Data in zDOX service for behavior usage to understand behavior and improvement the service feature and Big Data for future A.I. development
  • Electronic Signature collected for identity and authenticated personal information
  • e-KYC and/or NDID service data is collected for law and regulation standardize to identical digital person information and fraud protection
  • To offer products, services, organize training and seminars

5.     Data Processing 

Personal Data Processing for specific propose follows these.

  • Functional basics of zDOX services
  • Applicable laws benefit
  • Applicable laws and regulations
  • Historical and educational research
  • Follow the user’s consent proposal

6.     Personal Data Transparency  

zDOX personal data transparency policy and privacy protection are most important to Ginkgo’s customers; however, Ginkgo must follow laws and regulations to open personal data in case of

  • Related Ginkgo’s organization for user experience and operational service or related application
  • Within other services that zDOX has operated on it, such as Analytics, Statistics, User Behavior, AD
  • Non-Profit Organization or service development
  • If zDOX receives 3rd party privacy information, Ginkgo would ask for your consent.
  • External connectivity and services
    • Please acknowledge that zDOX might externally connect to 3rd party website or service with a different privacy consent; please read 3rd party’s terms and agreement before using the services; zDOX has nothing to respond to 3rd party service terms and conditions.
    • Service Provider and Outsourcing
      • zDOX might be using 3rd service to do data processing on behalf of zDOX services, such as Hosting, outsourcing, Cloud computing service/provider, or other necessary services
      • On behalf of the Data Protection Officer, zDOX will do data privacy and protection consent to limit the scope of work with a service provider and outsourcing before processing any privacy data.
      • If the data processor uses outsourcing, zDOX will force the data processor to do terms and agreement to protect data privacy and meet the minimum standards of this consent

7.     Oversea Privacy Data Transferring

If Ginkgo must transfer privacy data overseas, Ginkgo will ensure that those data will consent to under the data privacy act; users have all rights to the data, and those data must be appropriately processed and limited to preserve privacy and protect abuse of those data.   

8.     Right of the data

  • Revoke the privacy consent
  • Review and copy or request for data sourcing
  • Transfer electronic privacy data to other data protector officer
  • Objecting collection of your privacy data
  • Delete or eliminate your identity or your data privacy to anonymization
  • Disband or terminate usage of your data privacy
  • Correction of your data privacy in terms Ginkgo does not follow the data privacy act

9.     Security Procedure

  • zDOX has a security policy to protect privacy data from unauthorized access and abuse, such as firewall, encode, encryption, access control, and audit trail, but it does not include external account connection
  • zDOX has an information security policy to secure privacy data, both technical and procedures
  • Ginkgo has announced Privacy Policy internally to standardize procedures for maintaining Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of data privacy

10.   Data Privacy Preservation

  • zDOX kept privacy data for a period following this
    • kept it as long you are using zDOX unless you deleted your account
    • other related data Ginkgo kept while you are using our service; if you terminate our service, we will keep related contract data for the next 10 years after you end the service.
  • Ended in the period, zDOX will destroy your privacy data except for the end of the lawsuit or court orders.

11.   Access to data privacy

zDOX has assigned a specific offer to collect, access, and execute privacy data in a particular activity in terms of privacy consent that you had agreed with.

12.   Change of data privacy policy

  • zDOX may change or correct the data privacy policy if it needs. If it has a chance, Ginkgo will announce it on the website; those consent announcements will show the version and announced date; you should read and update any terms and conditions before you share your data privacy every time
  • Activities and using our service under these terms and conditions, we assumed that you agree to our terms and conditions; if you disagree and want to stop using our service, please inform us immediately.

13.   Cookies

  • zDOX using cookies or other similar technology on our services for functional of zDOX services such security or better user experience, you can customize of cookies optional in your web browser
  • zDOX using Cookies name _ga, _gaexp, _gat_UA-164618065-1, _gid
    • Purpose: Developing of business solution plan and better user experience and improvement of traffic to zDOX from many sources such as Google Search or Social Network or AdWords
  • This policy applies to the zDOX website only because zDOX mobile both IOS and Android do not use any cookies.

14.   Procedure for forgotten rights

  • You have all rights in the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), such as revoking your consent, right to access, right to object to privacy processing, and deleting private data, but under laws and regulations.
  • You could delete, and change your First name and Surname by login zDOX and editing in User Profile, then saving for update (zDOX will not store any history data of First name and Surname)
  • Email is mandatory information for using the zDOX service. If you want to delete it, you must terminate the account and service; if you wish to process delete account, please inform us and send a request to us; we will delete your account within 30 days, and you can download all content and data to your machine within this period, after 30 days period zDOX will not respond of any lost
  • You can freely contact Data Privacy Officer (DPO) to claim privacy right; we will result from your request within 30 days. If there is any leak or security breach, we will inform you within 72 hours once we inspect the issue.

15.   Contact Channel

  • Data Privacy Control and Data Privacy Processer
    • Ginkgo Soft Co., LTD
  • Data Privacy Officer
    • Email Address:
    • Telephone: 02-026-5255
  • Contact
    • 140/30 Soi Ratchadapisek 29 (Ratchapracha 4), Ratchadapisek Rd., Chatuchak, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900