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Add zDOX Connect

You can add zDOX Connect as a LINE friend by scanning a QR Code or adding with “@zdox”.

add line


  1. LINE chat screen at zDOX Connect message, press LOGIN button or bottom right, press ACCOUNT menu.
  2. In case of first use, LINE will display a message asking permission to access zDOX system data. Press Allow.
  3. Fill in the Username and Password of zDOX system members, press Connect button.

File keeping

  1. Press the keyboard icon.
  2. Press the icon > on the keyboard.
  3. Press the icon + on the keyboard.
  4. Press Keep.
  5. Select the data file you want to upload.
  6. The message confirming the document type is correct?
    1. Press Yes if the document type is correct.
    2. Press No if invalid document type.
  7. In the case of pressing Yes, the system saves the document type according to the user’s confirmation, successfully uploaded the file stored in the zDOX system.
  8. In the case of pressing No, the user must select the correct document type. When the document type has been selected, the system will save the selected type and finish uploading the archive to the zDOX system.

File Searching

  1. LINE chat screen, type $ followed by a search term, such as $tax, the system will display a list of files matching the search query.
  2. After pressing the View Document button in item 1. In the case that the session in contact with zDOX is expired, the system will display the login page. Fill in the information with the zDOX system member.
  3. Show the selected document file.

Document Type

Only PDF import files can be categorized by zDOX Connect. There are 40 types:

1. Insurance policy2. Work delivery letter3. Commercial registration4. House registration
5. VAT registration certificate6. Marriage registration7. Divorce Registration8. Memorandum of Association
9. List of shareholders10. Credit card11. Debit card12. Health insurance card
13. ID card14. Membership card15. Loyalty card16. Tax invoice
17. Driver’s License18. Warranty Card19. Education Certificate20. Salary Certificate
21. Company certificate22. Medical certificate23. Leave letter24. Job application
25. Quotation26. Receipt27. Share certificates28. Wills
29. Death certificate30. Minutes of the meeting31. Resume32. Bank passbook
33. Salary slip34. non disclosure agreement35. Copy of vehicle registration36. Passport
37. Contract38. Investment Document39. Vehicle maintenance documents40. Others

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