Release Notes

New Features

  • Auto approve


  • Add all signer email in CC for reject workflow
  • Ordering site lists by name

Fixed Bug

  • Toggle lost when open zDOX in the mobile browser

OS Required

  • Android version 8.1
  • IOS version 10

New Features

  • Sign up with NDID
  • Identity verification by NDID


  • Can use Face ID or Touch ID for login to the application after the session is expired.

Fixed Bug

  • The screen freezes when pressing the Sign button. 


  • zDox user can connect zDox Connect
  • Disconnect or change the account of zDox.


  • Keep files to zDox folder name ‘My Files’ and classify document by Mime Type
  • Classify 20 document types of PDF document with 85% accuracy, including
    • Minutes of the meeting 
    • Salary certificate
    • Passport 
    • Bank Book
    • Salary slip 
    • Education certificate
    • Resume 
    • Receipt
    • VAT registration
    • Medical certificate
    • Tax invoice
    • Delivery letter
    • Copy of car registration certificate
    • Employee leave document
    • Job Application
    • House Registration
    • ID card, Information confidentiality agreement
    • Quotations
    • Others
  • In case of the model select the wrong document type. User can select the correct document type by themself.


  • Browse files in ‘My Files’ folder by browsing the type of document specified in the upload.

New Features

  • e-KYC


  • List all task by lazy load
  • Summary all task on dashboard
  • Change link share public
  • Android change native to react native (remove create and capture to pdf)

New Features

  • Shared with me (View Only, Can Comment, Can Edit, Can Delete, Can Download)
  • Shared by me


  • Write log add original path id, path name, object id, object name for send task
  • Write log add object id for download folder, create folder, rename, move, delete file, delete trash, restore trash
  • Write log add parent id, parent path, object id, object name for upload file
  • Add client id, channel for signin with google and facebook
  • Warning user for login failed before lock account
  • Disable service count size file in site
  • Send mail to sender for reject task
  • Link Share Private (View Only, Can Comment, Can Edit, Can Delete, Can Download)
  • List document and folder in share folder, link share public


  • Remove total result for search document, lazy load 50 items per time and show loading while waiting for results.

Fixed Bug

  • Add, view and delete attachments, display the wrong size document.
  • Delete Task from link document is wrong.

View log history

  • View Task, Close Task, Edit Task [Open Draft, Rotate, Insert, Delete], Save Task, Delete Task
  • Send, Sign, Reject, Reassign, View log reassign
  • Download, Download All, Combine Download
  • Add Attach file, Delete Attach file
  • Set document type, Edit metadata

Export Folder

  • Export to desired folder after completed task
    • For the new task, the user could set all documents in export flow into the desired folder.
  • For Start Flow,
    • Users can set the export path and choose “Move” or “Copy” function. The system will default the current document path for the export path.

Related task link

  • The related task link is a link to display all tasks that are related to the document.

Attach files

  • Attach files feature will let users attach files during the flow process. The attached files will be deleted by the owner and can be these file types MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT, BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and PDF.


  • PDPA will display after login page for notice user about personal data privacy once at the first time when the detail of privacy has changed.


  • View the document by task version
  • Approval document flow can use these document types MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, TXT, BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and PDF however only PDF files can approve with an electronic signature.
  • Sharing content in the site by a specific user, the system will show the suggested member site user that contents are stored. Sharing user individual files, the system will show the suggested user from all user’s sites. However, the system allows sharing content to non-member site users by entering the correct username.
  • Allow free account Storage 5GB and send task 3 tasks per month
  • Allow Trial for company Storage 20 GB and send task 10 tasks per month
  • Update Privacy Policy

Fixed Bug

  • The searching results will display the only document that the user permitted.
  • Wrong signature position in document that smaller than A4.


  • Normal search (search by task name and email sender)
  • Advance search (search by task name, status, email sender, email signer, sent date, last update)
  • New menu sign group by sender and summary

Work Queue

  • Update paginator on top of task, contact, group, workflow and template List
  • Update search contact, group, workflow and template list

Notify email

  • Config notify mail for receive task
  • Config notify mail for task completed
  • Notify mail by step level approval

Fixed Bug

  • The sender could not delete their task when email and user login is not the same value.

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