Release Notes Web Version 6.1

7 November 2021

New Features

  • Download all at share folder

  • Remind task

  • Enable LTV signature and add timestamp (digicert) on sign document


  • Get user in group for share, set permission, member of site
  • Hide report and storage usage on dashboard
  • Hide register company on register account

Fixed Bug

  • The download file name must be spaced instead of  the symbol.

  • Click ‘back’ from the browser then the message in the search textbox will be encoded.

  • When zoom picture in the template the signature position is in the wrong position.
  • Error when set auto approves on the task that attaches more than 1 file and sends to more than one recipient.
  • The system doesn’t clear login failed counter after success login.
  • Cannot open and edit the document with O365 when using Hotmail account.
  • Cannot resend the task that reverted to the first version.
  • Open share document from link and system display ‘Session timeout’.

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